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From where did Metal come?

There are plenty of questions one may ask like:

  • By what process does it take shape? 
  • Where can you find it today? 

The Metal was used as the essential element for every early civilization that existed. 


Chinese Astrological tools - Silver Earth Metal Blog


History of Metal:

The Chinese were famous for their use of Metal. Gold and silver were utilized as astrological tools and considered the most precious gems of their time. 



Egyptian pyramids and camels in Egypt _ Silver Earth Metal Blog

The Egyptians were a race of people that were famous for their artistry. The most famous of their works is the Pyramids of Egypt. They utilized more than just Metal in their architecture, though. Stone and brick were used in their structures as well as paintings. They even used the metals of gold and silver in jewellery.



Egyptian silver anklets worn on girls ankles - Silver Earth Metal Blog

The Egyptians used a type of Metal called anklets to be worn on their ankles. This type of Metal was made to help alleviate the effects of water during a rainstorm. These anklets would keep the wearer safe from being soaked by the rain.

People have used Metal for quite some time in the Middle East too. 



Advantages of Metal:

Metal's advantages are many, and it has proven to be invaluable to humanity over the years.

  • It is widely utilized in modern industry, whether it is used for air conditioning or space shuttles. 
  • The most popular form of Metal currently used in modern industry is aluminum. 
  • It is still used in the aerospace industry as an engine component. 
  • Aluminum is very lightweight, yet it is one of the best metals when it comes to strength.
  • Gold is also a metal and has been used as jewellery. Gold was used as a way to add glitz and glamour to jewellery. However, gold is a precious resource. 

"Where did metal come from?" is likely to remain a mystery for all time. Metal forming elements like copper, tin, and iron were collected and eventually formed into something useful. However, there are some clues to help us speculate.


Discovery of Metals:

  • Copper was found very early, dating back to about thirty thousand years ago. This was the height of the glory period for early humans. 
  • Tin was discovered by accident in the early twentieth century. Its discovery was not quite as welcome as Copper, because it was considered a new metal and was a significant loss to science. 
  • Iron was discovered much later, but it too was used extensively. Knowing where Metal came from gives us some idea of its place in our modern world. 


Uses of Metals:

With everything we know about where Metal came from, it's evident that it will continue to be used. As it has shown so far, Metal is an essential element and will continue to be used.

Knowing what it came from will be helpful as we continue to explore our world today. It is also interesting to learn about where other metals come from. This will only increase knowledge and awareness in the future.

  • However, many years later, the substance was finally used in its pure form. 
  • It was used to build things like dental implants
  • It is now commonly used as an insulator. Today, many people want to use Metal as an additive to cement and other building materials. 
  • Some people are even looking into harvesting it to be used as a more natural resource.

The popularity is growing as the Earth gets warmer because of global warming. Many homeowners are also finding that the color and the glow are a welcome addition to their home's interiors.

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